Wonders of Germany & Oberammergau Passion Play - 2022

Fully Guided tour with Bill Ball, host of 2 Travel Series: Journeys in India and Journeys in Africa, seen Nationally on Public Television will guide your tour from start to finish. He has guided tours on all 7 continents and over 100 countries. Join him on this new offering from Passport Travel Tours.

9 Day Tour: September 17-25, 2022


Double Occupancy, Per Person
  • Base Pricing is always calculated for double occupancy.
Solo Traveler
  • $950 supplemental for Solo Travelers.

Tour Highlights




Places to see
before you die


Architectural Wonders
of the world

  • Munich
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Oktoberfest
  • Oberammergau Passion Play
  • Nurnberg
  • Rothenberg
  • Bamberg & Bayreuth & More!

Tour Includes

  • Round trip airfare from Chicago
  • First Class Hotel Accommodations
  • All Breakfasts
  • 6 Dinners
  • Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation
  • Admissions to all listed Attractions
  • Round trip airport transfers in the Chicago land area
  • Guided by Bill Ball
  • Baggage Handling
  • All Gratuities

Tour Itinerary

Day One If I could visit a country with one of the top number of UNESCO sites in the world and attend
two of the most famous events at the same time, it could only be Germany during an Oberammergau
year during Oktoberfest.

Day Two We begin our journey in the beautiful mountain city of Munich. The story of Bavaria is told within the walls of the churches, castles and Old Town. We will see where Mad King Ludwig grew up and is buried. We will watch the iconic city hall glockenspiel dance before your eyes and we will see first hand why many regard this as one of the most important cities in Europe.

Day Three We head south to Oberammergau. On the way to the city of the Passion Play, we will visit the symbol of Bavaria—Neuschwanstein Castle. This is the best Mad King Ludwig castle and one of the most beautiful buildings on earth. It is full of intricate carvings, exquisite furnishing and mindblowing murals. For those of you have already seen it, we will visit Hohenschwangau—the boyhood castle of Ludwig and his inspiration for Neuschwanstein. We will also visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Wieskirche. If your mouth doesn’t drop
open when you step inside—We will refund your money. This is a spectacular church to say the very

Day Four Today is the day you will see the Passion Play. Hundreds of actors and crew, animals and
incredible stage sets make this a theatrical experience like no other. The show is split into two parts
and you won’t want to miss a second.

Day Five We now go north to Nurnberg. This is one of the most scenic cities in the region. From its impressive hilltop castle to its ancient churches to its namesake sausages, this is what most people picture Germany to be. Here crafts and many Christmas stores flourish since this is Christmas central for Southern Germany. We end the day in Rothenburg. This walled city is one quaint shop, museum, house after another. It is so cute that postcards
can’t even capture its beauty.

Day Six A day in Rothenburg. The morning will be a tour of the historic center including the magnificent cathedral with its wood carved altar—the best in Europe. The afternoon will be free to shop, museum hop or just admire the architecture. This city is a postcard all by itself.

Day Seven We head to two UNESCO sites today—Bamberg and Bayreuth. Bamberg is Germany’s biggest UNESCO site because virtually every building is protected. Dating to the 10th century, this was a center for Slavic people as they emigrated west. It is one of the two cities in Europe that still follow its medieval layout and preserves the building from them. The city is jam-packed with half-timbered and colorful edifices that will take your breath away. Don’t forget to try the smoke beer, a local specialty, while here. The other stop—Bayreuth—will feature its opera house. This is Wagner’s Opera city and the newly restored performance hall is so incredible that simply put—you cannot miss it—it is a reason to come on this tour by itself.

Day Eight We head back to Munich today but not before one last UNESCO site—the Roman Limes of Germany. Limes refers to the largest limits of the Roman empire—2nd century. Here are some of the most extensive fortifications still in existence from the ancient Romans in Northern Europe. This ties us back to the time of the Passion Play. This evening we will have reservations for you in the one of the great beer tents at Oktoberfest where you can sing, eat and of course drink to celebrate the world’s biggest food festival (yes, Oktoberfest is actually in September).