The South of France & Monaco - 2021

Fully Guided tour with Bill Ball, host of 2 Travel Series: Journeys in India and Journeys in Africa, seen Nationally on Public Television will guide your tour from start to finish. He has guided tours on all 7 continents and over 100 countries. Join him on this new offering from Passport Travel Tours.

10 Day Tour: April 18-27, 2021


Double Occupancy, Per Person
  • Base Pricing is always calculated for double occupancy.
Solo Traveler
  • $650 supplemental for Solo Travelers.

Tour Highlights






Places to see

You Die

  • Paris
  • The Louvre
  • Nice
  • Monaco
  • Grasse
  • Versailles
  • St. Tropez
  • Avignon
  • Orange
  • Lourdes
  • Bordeaux

Tour Includes

  • Roundtrip airfare from Chicago
  • High Speed Train
  • First Class Hotel Accommodations
  • Daily Breakfast
  • 6 Dinners
  • Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation
  • Admissions to all listed Attractions
  • Roundtrip airport transfers in the Chicagoland area
  • Guiding by Bill Ball
  • Baggage Handling
  • All Gratuities

Tour Itinerary

Day One  We fly to one of the most enchanting countries in the world—France. This is the land of art, wine, beaches, history and natural beauty. No wonder France is the number one destination in the world.

Day Two We land in Paris—The City of Lights—today. Our tour includes all of the iconic landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Arc d’ Triumph, the Cathedral of Notre Dame complete with one hunchback, the lovely Seine River and the Place de Concord where people had so much fun—they lost their heads. This afternoon, we will tour the Louvre Museum. This is one of the top art museums in the world with Winged Victory and the Mona Lisa.

Day Three  We leave Paris proper to visit the most famous and beautiful palace in the world—Versailles. All other palaces are compared to this magnificent gold covered extravaganza. French kings called it home—you will simply call it grand. This is worth the price of the trip. You will have some free time this afternoon to museum hop, shop, explore the city or simply people watch. There are endless possibilities for fun.

Day Four  We take the smooth and exciting speed train to the southern coast of France and the city of Nice. Nice is the playground for the rich and famous and we will discover that upon arrival.

Day Five   We cross national boundaries today as we head to Monaco. This is one of the “postage stamp” countries of Europe. The royal family is second in popularity only to Britain. We will tour the royal palace, see the famous casinos, see Grace Kelly’s grave in the Cathedral and learn about Napoleon’s influence here.

Day Six  We head to Grasse surrounded by lavender fields, this is where French perfumes are made. You will have a perfume making demonstration with a hands-on part where you can get the feel of how a great scent is created. Perfume has been a staple of the economy since the end of the 1700’s. We then continue on along France’s Cote d’Azur, to the idyllic beach city of St. Tropez, the most famous destination of the French Riviera. Here celebrities gather to take in the sun along miles of pristine beaches.

Day Seven  We leave the French Riviera today and head inland to one of the best kept secrets in history. Avignon was the papal headquarters for nearly 70 years and then competed with Rome for Catholic supremacy. Here popes and anti-popes (Bill will explain) lived in great luxury as you will see. Our next stop steps further back in history to the time of the Roman Empire. Orange is a UNESCO World Heritage site that preserves a myriad of Roman ruins including the large amphitheater.

Day Eight Our next stop is one of the great pilgrimage locations on earth—Lourdes. Known for its ability the cure illnesses, Lourdes is known around the world.

Day Nine  Two more UNESCO World Heritage sites await us today. The first is the impressive Saint –Emilion Cathedral with its exquisite carvings and glowing stained glass windows. Nearby is the city of Bordeaux known for its wine. This is the second most preserved city in France. We will trace the architectural styles and how they evolved. The palace and public buildings will amaze you.

Day Ten  We fly home today with memories of giant steel structures, magnificent cathedrals, unbelievable palaces, beautiful countryside and the food and wine! This is one of the great destinations.